Clinic Services

Periodic Health Assessment Program

As part of our periodic health assessment program we provide the following services for patients from ages 10-99+ year olds.

  • Individual Initial and Follow-up Visits for Complete Physical Evaluations
  • Co-Morbidity Discussion Groups (Here patients that have the same medical condition(s) come together to discuss problems they encountered, while getting more education on their condition(s) and preventive measures
  • Children’s (ten years old and above) immunizations and School Physicals
  • Adult Annual Physical Evaluations and Immunizations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluation (Return to work Assessment & Pre-Employment Assessment)
  • Discharge from Duty & Retirement Assessments
  • Injury exposure Assessment & Prevention
  • Non-Occupational Functional Capacity Evaluation and Occupational Functional Capacity Recommendations
  • Drug Screen Specimen Collection

Diagnostic Testing Services

Our diagnostic testing services are performed in-house and patients can be referred to IntegraCare Clinic for any of these tests.

  • Diagnostic Test Services:
  • EKG – 12 Leads
  • Spirometry
  • Ultrasound
  • Allergy Testing
  • Cholesterol and Glucose Check
  • 24 Hour Cardiac Monitoring

Referrals are Accepted