Practice Admin Intern – Non-Paid

Category: Internship Opportunity:  Part Time or Full Time

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Employer Information

Organization Name: Doctors Unlimited, Service Corporation, d/b/a IntegraCare Clinic
About Our Organization: Doctors Unlimited SC is a medical group facility founded in 2010, offering Internal and Preventive Medicine services. The company takes pride in providing comprehensive, patient-centered quality care to ages 10-99+ years old at its IntegraCare Clinic and affiliated hospitals..
Job Location: Chicago, IL
Hours/Week (Duration): Minimum of 24hrs/Week for at least 3 Months Duration

Job Purpose

The Practice Admin Internship opportunity is open to students of all fields of studies who are interested in learning the administrative aspect of managing a medical practice/clinic facility. S/he should be ready to learn and serve in our practice community, assisting with administrative duties where trained, under the practice facility’s operations and administrative leadership management’s directives. Our internship opportunities are both educational and practical, allowing the interns to apply respective classroom concepts while discovering the intricacies of patient care management within an Internal Medicine practice facility. S/he will be trained to assist in the following duties:

Clinical Administrative Duties

  • Reach out to patients for appointments via direct phone calls, plus send postcards to ‘New’ patients upon receipt of monthly Patients Member Roster Lists, exhibiting pleasing personality and good communication skills at all times, on the phone and/or in person contact when patients arrive at facility
  • Schedule patients for clinic visit appointments, checking their eligibilities via various systems, making sure patients are qualified for each clinic visit
  • Maintain and update patients’ personal and insurance data on online charts and patients’ electronic medical records (EMR), ensuring that patients’ demographic and insurance information are accurate and current, notifying patients, management and front desk staff of any patient’s insurance ineligibility, etc.
  • Create and fax patients’ Referral forms to insurance companies, making sure each respective insurance company’s referral form is in place for each patient’s referral order
  • Working closely with Operations Management staff, coordinate and implement a scheduled Focus Group patients encounter visits (an educational group visits where patients of same condition are gathered for in-depth education and preventive guidelines on condition, while receiving encounter visits with a physician/provider at end of educational presentations), preparing new and/or updating former presentation materials that serves as educational hand-outs to patients
  • Assist with marketing, recruitment, and special projects, coordinating and implementing facility’s community outreach, marketing/promotional, and recruitment events, researching and preparing materials, gathering pertinent supplies as needed prior to each event’s date
  • Assist with establishing and maintaining business relationships/contacts with various local universities, colleges and prospective vendors for promotional events and job fairs, assisting with recruitment efforts for clinical rotations & permanent placements, coordinating meetings and/or tele-conferences as needed
  • Monitor activities and postings on facility’s website and social media channels, updating profiles and events’ pages with applicable changes as needed
  • Perform general office duties and clinical miscellaneous/ad-hoc duties under the direction of the medical director, providers, and management, including but not limited to the followings, thus fostering team spirit:
    • Cover front desk/reception staff for lunch breaks; answering calls and handling patients’ requests such as notification to physicians/providers on Rx refills; checking in patients there by completing patients’ online charts; collecting co-pays and/or Self-Pay fees; gathering pertinent information for charting; confirming no changes to patients’ addresses, insurance, phone numbers, emergency contact info, etc.; checking out patients at end of each encounter visits, creating patient’s next follow-up appointment, and answering visitors’ inquiries about the company, directing them to facility’s website and/or appropriate personnel for answers
    • Perform research and present reports as needed on any given topic assigned by superiors
    • Work closely with management on patient care services, reporting always to management any escalated or difficult issues regarding patients’ complaints, etc.
    • Prepare and distribute correspondences: letters, emails, and greeting cards as well as memos and/or announcements as directed by management
  • Handle all types of office equipments such as fax machines, printers, computers, Xerox machines, video conferencing equipments, etc.
  • Attend meetings/seminars/conferences with staff and management as appropriate to interest/training level.

Helpful Skills

Possess excellent phone, written and spoken communication skills, along with multi-tasking, team spirit, customer service, and detail-orientation with dexterity/thoroughness skills; knowledge of current healthcare trend, health insurance industry, marketing and researching any topic via internet are a plus.

  • Must be well-organized, (Quality vs. Quantity), open-minded, compassionate, decisive, flexible,
  • Be a peoples-person with ‘mission-minded focus,’ interpersonal and full of integrity
  • Possess ability to communicate well with others, initiating team player spirit
  • Be resourceful, with excellent critical thinking and complex problem solving ability
  • Possession of strong knowledge of and/or practical experience working within any business administration and management or in health related areas such as at a clinic or hospital setting is a great plus
  • Bilingual skills in Spanish, French, Creole, African languages and/or any foreign language, plus exposure in dealing with inner-city dwellers and people of diverse cultures (multi-national and multi-cultural backgrounds) are helpful but not required
  • Microsoft Office Suites, Internet, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), especially eCW) and/or AthenaHealth


College level students of all fields of studies are preferred and highly encouraged to apply. Very helpful if s/he is working on or has completed a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree or is an MD or NP or PA student in transition with related exposure/training or equivalent combination of educational training and work experience including volunteerism. Will also consider candidates with combination of High School Diploma or GED Certificate and Medical Assisting (MA), or Phlebotomy, or Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA), Health Information Technology (HIT)/Billing and Cording, or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certificates or similar healthcare certification with completed ‘Externship Hours’ already

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